ANUMSS Committee 2019

Your committee comprises students from all four years of the ANU Medical Program.

They contribute significant time and energy to the ANUMSS to improve the experience of every student, and welcome enquiries related to their role.


Cathryn Youings


Sam Gerami

Vice President

Claudia King


Anna Lieschke



Dane Lyons

Academic & Advocacy Representative

Ninya Maubach

Alumni Officer

Kat Milne

AMA Representative

Emily Sisson

AMSA Representative

Sally Gilbert

Design & Communications Officer

Thomas McKinlay

Equity Officer

Kitiphume Thammasiraphop

Graduation Ball Chair

Charles Xu

International Students Representative

Estee Wah

IT Officer

Mitch Evans

Merchandising Officer

Carolyn Eddy

Publications Officer

Kyle Lloyd

Social Representative

Erica Keller

Sponsorship Officer

Jo Long

Wellbeing Officer

Year Representatives

Andrew Hunter

Year 4 Academic Representative

Nunzio Franco

Year 4 Academic Representative

Evelyn McArthur

Year 4 General Representative

Michael Hunter

Year 3 Academic Representative

Olivia Maccora

Year 3 General Representative

Connor Larson

Year 2 Academic Representative

Jason El Brihi

Year 2 General Representative

Sheraz Majoka

Year 1 Academic Representative

Callum Bowles

Year 1 General Representative