From the President

Cathryn Youings, ANUMSS President 2019 The Australian National University Medical Students’ Society (ANUMSS) has grown over the years to be the thriving community that it is. Being a part of this society shows the mutual support and collegiality that flows between students on their 4 year journey at ANU to become a doctor.

My name is Cathryn Youings and it is my extraordinary pleasure to be the president of the ANUMSS for 2019. Our mantra is that we exist to support, represent and entertain students of the ANU Medical School.

We want to make the experience of every medical student in our school is positive and is one reflective of self growth. We want to expose all that studying medicine can offer and the diversity within our profession to broaden the student experience beyond books.

Continuing areas for support whether that be through academic avenues, mental health and wellbeing or continuing to increase the comradeship between peers is a major goal for us in 2019. We want our medical students to enjoy the journey they are on right now, and not just learn about medicine, but about about themselves and their personal interests.

We are the peak advocacy body for medical students at ANU and will continue the great work of committees gone by. We are the voice of ANU medical students here and in the wider community.

As always, we have a full calendar of events to entertain and to truly show the collaborative spirit of our society. We always aim that you, the student, will make new connections, mentors and friends that will help guide you through your 4 years here with us.

For years, our goal has been these core fundamental values and the result has been a dynamic, diverse and collaborative community that will only prove to grow further into the future.

2019 will also see our wonderful subcommittees providing opportunities for specialised interests of students, showing that there is something for everyone here at ANUMSS.

I wish you all the most wonderful year for 2019. Continue to grow, support your peers and strive to be the best you can be. The ANUMSS will be backing you every step of the way.

Cathryn Youings
Australian National University Medical Students' Society