Academic “Dream” Team

Our academic team is dedicated to ensuring that the views of ANUMS students are heard. We sit on the Phase 1 committee, Phase 1 Clinical Skills committee, Phase 2 committee, Phase 2 clinical skills committee and the Medical Education Committee. Our goal is to ensure that educational activities at ANU are continually improved, with emphasis on facilitating a positive learning environment. If you have any feedback or want to learn more about these committees you can speak to one of our friendly representatives!

Academic Representatives
Year 1: Sheraz Majoka
Year 2: Connor Larson
Year 3: Michael Hunter
Year 4: Nunzio Franco & Andrew Hunter

Our job is also to nurture and support our fellow ANUMSS students with regular student-led teaching. Our list of events with descriptions can be found below:

Academic Opportunities & Events
March: Research Evening
May: Year 1 MOSCEs
August/September: PASS Minicase Sessions
September: Transition to Phase 2 Program
October: Physical Exam review sessions
All Year: ANUMSS Tutoring Program

Previous Academic Teams have also worked to create a wealth of resources to make navigating the content a little bit easier. Access to Phase 1 and Phase 2 Resources can be found in the Resources section of the website. (Restricted to ANUMSS members – requires login)

If you have any questions about the academic team or are interested in being involved in any of our events please don’t hesitate to email

Much love

Dane Lyons
ANUMSS Academic & Advocacy Officer